3 Hand Pressure

3 Hand Pressure Points to Try Today

The classic Chinese treatment Pressure points can be considered to be the points in the body that deliver health benefits. The idea is that applying pressure to these points can help soothe stress, relieve pain, and even help you sleep.

Three of these critical points are found on the hands, and significant benefits can be achieved if you know how to massage them correctly.

Find the pressure point

Here are three pressure points you can try that are sure to bring significant benefits to your physical and mental health:

For stress, try Palm.

Make a fist. Place your finger just below where your pinky is touching the palm of your hand for five long breaths.

For sleep, try The inside of the wrist.

With the palm facing up, place two fingers on the wrist, just below the little finger. Apply pressure for five deep breaths.

For headaches, try Hand valley.

With your palm facing down, find the firm skin between your thumb and index finger. Apply pressure or massage the point in small circles.

So you know these three points of the hands, now it’s your turn, try applying this new technique and improve your quality of life.

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