Foot Pain

Relieve Foot Pain With These Natural Home Remedies

There’s no one to massage your feet? It’s not a problem! Follow these easy and natural remedies at home for foot hurt.

It is estimated that you spend 80 percent of your daytime hours on your feet, and each day, your feet take in more than 2,265,000 kilograms of pressure. Therefore, it’s no surprise that your feet can get into a lot of pain from time to moment. (And they may be worse if you’ve been in flip-flops.) Anything could indeed cause pain in your feet, even footwear that isn’t right for you the foot, conditions like arthritis and diabetes, or poor circulation. Here’s the best treatment to treat sore feet.

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1. Increase Circulation

To enjoy a refreshing and stimulating treat for your feet:

  1. Make sure you fill one basin with cold water and the other with hot water that is as hot as comfortable to sit.
  2. Relax in a comfy chair and put your feet on the cool water.
  3. After five minutes, change to hot water.
  4. Repeat.
  5. Repeat “hydromassage” is a dilation method and narrows blood vessels in your feet, increasing circulation.

2. Rub the Pain Out

In health food stores, one can purchase a specially made to massage the soles of feet. It is also possible to put your feet on a golf ball, tennis ball, and rolling pin for a few minutes. It is also possible to rub the balls with your hands using one of these two oils you can make at home:

3 drops clove oil, and 3 tablespoons (45 milliliters) sesame oil

3 drops of lavender oil, 1 drop of chamomile oil, and one drop of geranium oil blended with 2 tablespoons (10 milliliters) olive oil

3. Get rid of the Ache

Spread a few pencils across the floor, then lift them by rubbing your feet. This small exercise will help ease the pain of your feet.

4. The Toes can be stretched

Use a strong rubber band to wrap around the toes of one foot. Spread your feet and keep the stretch for 5 minutes. Repeat 10 times to release feet that are bound by shoes. Find out why you must stretch your feet properly.

5. Make sure you stretch the Tissue

The pain in your heel, particularly in the morning, could be a sign of plantar fasciitis, which is an irritation of the rigid band of tissues that links your heel bone with the toe’s base. To relieve the pain by stretch your Achilles tendon. It would help if you stood about one meter from the wall. Put your hands on the wall and push your right leg to the side and bend your knee. Make sure your left leg is straight, keeping your heel resting on the floor. You should feel a slight stretch on your heel and the foot arch. Please hold it for 10 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.

6. Heal the Heel

Apply an ice pack on the heel area in pain for around 20 minutes, three times per day.

7. Take a bath for your feet.

Soothe your feet in a relaxing spa bath. First, make a foot bath using hot water, add any of the following and let it sit for at least 10 minutes.

2 drops peppermint oils, 4 drops of eucalyptus, four drops of rosemary oil

A potent tea with peppermint

1 teaspoon (15 mL)arnica in tincture.

Visit Bronte Medical Center for more health information.

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